Welcome back! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while, I would like to pretend I’ve been busy or something but in reality I just let this fall by the wayside for the past week. Well, last time we talked about how the fundamental differences between the Force and the Holy Spirit… But now we can finally get onto the fun part of this. How these two share some similarities.

Now if anybody knows me, they know that I love to make connections between things, try to relate really difficult to understand concepts to easy to understand things. This is usually done with some varying degrees of success. It is like on Star Trek (I know, mentioning Star Trek and Star Wars on the same page??? HERESY!!!) whenever the crew had to explain really difficult concepts to the Captain in simplistic terms. Or, a bit more obscure, but on the TV show Eureka how Sheriff Carter always used really simple ideas to figure out these really confusing science problems. I have to stop here because if I don’t I’ll go off on a tangent about how great that show was and how dumb it is that Netflix only has the last season now… Like really? Why??

Sorry, I’m back. So in Star Wars, the Force is a sort of polarizing idea. In the first movie, the force has been “gone” for a while and there aren’t a lot of force-sensitive people left. The only major people who still adhere to it are Obi-Wan/Old Ben and Darth Vader himself. And both of them are mocked for their belief, Han Solo mocks Obi-Wan for believing in it saying “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” to Luke when Obi-Wan is trying to train him, and for Darth Vader, that one Imperial Officer mocks him and his belief in the Force. Now think about that second one, that guy mocked Darth Vader to his face for his belief in this “religion” and proceeds to get force choked. How dumb is that?? He has to have seen the force in action before from Vader but he still chooses not to believe. Remind you of anything?

I think the greatest turn around of faith in those movies was demonstrated by Han Solo in the most recent Star Wars. This clip perfectly sums up Han’s change from a sort of atheism to complete belief.

People have always doubted God and his existence, and seen the idea of the Holy Spirit guiding us as a made up and “hokey” belief, but the most amazing conversions to me are those that come from God’s biggest doubters. My favorite author, C.S. Lewis is a prime example of that. He went from ardent atheist to probably one of the most influential Christians of the 20th century. Some people will always view the Holy Spirit and the rest of it as mumbo-jumbo, but if you look towards the Obi-Wans and the Darth Vaders (ok maybe not them) as sources of inspiration of those who persevere in their faith through ridicule, you’ll always grow stronger in your faith, much like Han.