Now as a quick refresher, in the last section, I opened up about about some basics on the Holy Spirit, what He is and what He does in our lives. Now I got a good comment on my last post from Thomas (check  him out at who was concerned about maybe trivializing the Holy Spirit and making Him into this impersonal force to be studied and used.” I do completely understand his concern, often when people try to explain elements of faith through references to trivial things often the wonder and vast greatness of God can be seemingly diminished. I promise this is not what I intend to do whatsoever.

Now that we’ve set up who the Holy Spirit is, let’s dig into the Force a bit. The Force is an energy which flows through the universe and guides it and once harnessed can grant the user special powers. The Force connects the user with the universe and resides in all things, but only those who are Force-sensitive can harness it. Now for a Star Wars deep cut, the Lasats (a race of aliens driven to near extinction by the empire) called it the  “spirit of the galaxy.” In olden times of Star Wars, followers of the Force were called followers of “the Way” The Force and it’s many uses have profound moral implications as well in the Star Wars Universe.

Now you may have noticed that I have forgotten those little things called “midichlorians”, those organisms in a Jedi’s blood. Trust me, I haven’t. I just think of those as an unfortunate outcome of those prequels along with Jar Jar Binks, the true villain.

I know you may be getting those fingers ready to type out an angry comment to me “Adam you big ole dope, that’s not the Holy Spirit at all!” or “Adam, you scruffy looking nerf herder, what about the Hundred Years of Darkness??” In the next part, we will look at the Force as well as the Holy Spirit and explore the similarities and differences between the two.

Now I understand that the Force is not at all close to the Holy Spirit, nothing on this earth is. But maybe by understanding the Force, we can move forward to being able to grasp and the wonderful complexities of the Holy Spirit.