Hey, my name is Adam, and I have a problem… It turns out every time I try to comprehend the complexities of faith, I always end up with analogies to pop culture. I am often derailing bible studies with quotes like “In the words of Obi Wan Kenobi…” or “Doesn’t this sound like something from Lord of the Rings?” So I’ve created this blog in further understand and help others to understand the complexities of faith through pop culture references (quite theological, I know). Maybe somethings you may not agree with, that’s OK, I admit I am not an all knowing christian, in fact I know very little… like nothing. But I hope to help lead others to Christ and better understand Him through this blog.

Now I understand, I’ve read my fair share of christian blogs with their artsy backgrounds of nature and of sunsets with inspiration quotes, and you’re probably thinking three things “how is this different”, “what is ‘christianist'” and “has Vin Diesel always been bald? I feel like he has been bald forever”. I promise you, I can answer these questions.

1: “how is this different”- This isn’t some inspirational christian blog, this is a blog where I can help explain the gospel to you and to myself the only way I can… Through the use of pop culture.

2: “what is ‘christianist'” I made that up, for some reason all of the domains with “christian” were taken so that’s what I did. You can dig into it if you want, but I promise there is no deep theological reason behind it.

3: “has Vin Diesel always been bald?”vin-diesel-hair

It turns out he did have hair, back in high school